Sign Language Interpreting Services (NZSL and Te Reo Rotarota)

Bridge the communication gap with our on-demand NZ sign language interpreting services, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable travel experience for deaf guests. AHS is the relationship to the deaf community that is very confidential for the interpretation services in Aotearoa.

Accessibility Workshops with Online services and Face to Face workshops

Empower your tourism business with our insightful workshops, promoting deaf accessibility and paving the way for inclusive travel experiences for all. Provide workshops to Tourism businesses to improve accessibility.

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Deaf-Friendly Tour Packages and Maraes Package

Explore Aotearoa's stunning landscapes with our curated tours, designed to cater to the needs of deaf tourists with professional NZ sign language guides at your service. Use your mobile phone in anywhere you want to see it. Private or Personal Tours Day and which you want to visit about Māori culture or History. Can learn and understand about Aotearoa history. SELF- GUIDE FREE TOUR INCLUDE NZ SIGN LANGUAGE!